Here are some examples of the areas that coaching may cover, of course it isn’t exhaustive, as we are all individual, but an attempt at defining, which can be helpful.

Where you are right now is a good place to start, do you feel pre-occupied with too much on your plate? Can’t get to grips with certain aspects of your life or work? What about your emotions – too anxious? too stressed? Confused? Tired?

You may or may not be aware of your current cause of dissatisfaction, if you are, – think about what might be the opposite of the situation, – greater resilience? more time? career change? More confidence? Better emotional intelligence?

Because we are all unique, the path to whatever we require and want and therefore the path to the final outcome is also unique to you, there is no model that can be picked up and used easily from a book or a casual conversation. Now imagine moving toward this desired situation in a tailored, organic way within a supportive environment until you manifest it, and then -fine tune it to your exact requirements.

Career Coaching

“I’m at a dead-end, and don’t know what to do next”  
“I feel like my current career is not the thing I really want to do”
“I have an idea what I want to do next, but I’m too scared”

  • Making difficult choices and decisions
  • Making a career transition
  • Seeking promotion
  • Making difficult choices & decisions
  • Changing career direction
  • Managing time for self-development
  • Planning for retirement

Developmental Coaching

I feel like a fraud sometimes”  
I don’t have a clue which way to turn now
“I don’t know what happened, I used to be so happy and positive”

  • Not feeling good enough or lacking in confidence
  • Being hard on yourself
  • Feel like you are about to get found out
  • Feelings of shame over things
  • The inner critic is affecting my life

Business Coaching

I feel overwhelmed and don’t have the time that I need to make decisions”  
Everyone expects me to have all the answers, always
“There’s no-one that I can speak to properly”

  • Developing resilience
  • Needing a safe and trusted place to think
  • Changing corporate culture
  • Managing feelings of isolation

Executive Coaching

“Sometimes I struggle to keep all my commitments”  
“I struggle to delegate or manage my emotions”
“I’d like to be more resourceful and competent at work”

  • Improving work relationships
  • Managing stress
  • Processing difficult feedback
  • Understanding team dynamics
  • Support for a newly promoted manager
  • Managing work/life balance